New Song Church

Join us Sunday morning 10:30AM at Thomas Elementary in Gretna, Nebraska.

Christmas Service

December 24th service at 10:30AM at Hydeen’s house, 11283 S. 200th Ave, Gretna! (For this one Sunday we’re NOT at Thomas Elementary)

Last year, in God’s providence, our Christmas Day worship was moved from our Thomas Elementary location to a home in the neighborhood because we couldn’t get in the building. As we reflected on that experience we thought worshipping in a home at Christmas would make a fun tradition! So this year, December 24th, at 10:30 AM, come to the Hydeen’s house at 11283 S. 200th Ave, Gretna, for our Christmas service. It’s very close to Thomas Elementary. And, if you’re thinking about visiting on Christmas, please do join our church family for this service! (There may be treats afterwards!!!)


Coming soon...

BLAST part II...

a Wednesday night children's ministry starting again this Spring. Join us! We're sure you'll have a BLAST!

About Us

Weary, bruised and broken is how life tends to leave us

But as followers of Jesus, we find life in Him — & hope in the new songs He gives

Here at New Song Church we strive for eyes & ears sharpened to see & hear
Jesus’ continuing work of making all things new!

Jesus is taking our very real weariness/bruises/brokenness,
and crafting those very struggles
to produce songs of grace in us

We believe from Scripture that God calls us to community
to appreciate most fully the blending together of our songs —
into a symphony “to the praise of his glorious grace”